Radiography / Radiographic Inspection / X-ray (RT)

Radiography / Radiographic Inspection / X-ray (RT) Inspection

is a method of NDT which uses ionising radiation to view a volumetric image of a weldment, forging or casting that cannot be viewed in any other way.

PTS offers a vast range of radiographic services both on-site and in house in our bespoke radiographic facility. With multiple radiation protection supervisors and personnel qualified to PCN level II & III.

PTS have recently invested in state of the art X-ray equipment, and film processing facilities, our ability to handle jobs of any size has never been more capable. Our in house X-ray facility can take most jobs allowing our engineers to complete work during normal daytime hours. In instances where site radiography is required, PTS works closely with the Health and Safety Executive to conduct safe and correct operations, making carrying out a radiographic inspection at any location problem-free and straightforward.

Radiography, Radiographic Inspection or X-ray (RT) Inspection can be carried out either in a workshop or at sites around the country or our purpose-built laboratory in the Midlands.

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