Ultrasonic Inspection and Testing

Ultrasonic Inspection / Testing (UT)

is the method of using high-frequency sound waves to test for imperfections in metals and other materials. By emitting sound waves into a test object, echoes are produced by the sound waves reflecting off inclusions or imperfections in the material itself.

Ultrasonic Inspection / Testing (UT) can be used for a number of industrial applications including weld inspection, material thickness checks, testing of bars, plates and forgings, and corrosion monitoring.

Here at PTS we have an extensive range of experience and skills in ultrasonics, including PCN level II & III engineers who have worked in a wide variety of industrial sectors. From creating bespoke procedures to using the latest technological methods we can apply our knowledge and skills to assist in any inspection.

With vast experience dealing with stainless steel, both austenitic and martensitic, for the nuclear and petrochemical industries, our engineering input has been welcomed by our clients to assist with the inspection of weld geometries and grain structures rarely inspected using ultrasound.

Ultrasonic Inspection / Testing (UT) can be carried out either in a workshop, on in-service items at sites around the country or at our purpose-built laboratory in the Midlands.

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