Weld Inspection / Visual Inspection

At PTS we offer a wide variety of Weld Inspection (Visual Inspection) services

Pre-weld inspection can be carried out by ensuring relevant procedures and documentation are in place for both the welding process itself and the welder who will be carrying out the welding. Also, assessment and measurement of the weld fit up, angle of preparation, and use of correct consumables can be carried out by our qualified welding inspectors.

Weld Inspection (Visual Inspection) can also be carried out during the welding process itself. By closely monitoring all welding parameters including weld polarity, amps and volts used, interpass temperatures and travel speed, our inspectors can ensure that any welding being carried out is been done so in accordance with any relevant weld procedure specifications (WPS).

Our post weld inspection services include weld measurement to ensure conformity to the relevant specified weld size on fabrication drawings etc, as well as full visual inspection where the weld is critically assessed against an acceptance standard to ensure compliance to any British, European or International standards.

Weld Inspection (Visual Inspection) can be carried out either in a workshop, on in service items at sites around the country or at our purpose built laboratory in the Midlands.

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