Ferrite Inspection

Ferrite Inspection / Testing is used to measure the ferritic content in different applications of steel.

The feritscope uses a method called magnetic induction to measure the ferritic content of a given sample. Ferrite testing is carried out to ensure that the ferritic content is at the correct levels specified for the material tested. If the ferritic content falls below that level it could have a detrimental effect on the service life of the material. This method of testing can be used to test anything from Duplex to Super Duplex steel to checking austenitic weld metals for deposited ferritic content.

PTS can test items using a portable feritscope, allowing us to test components of different shapes and sizes anywhere nationwide. The feritscope gives an instant reading in percentage or FN which can be beneficial when results are required fast. Ferrite Inspection / Testing can be carried out either in a workshop, on in service items at sites around the country or at our purpose built laboratory in the Midlands.

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